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Domestic Heating Sales Engineer in the North West

09 March 2016

 "He was always number one in sales and hit budget every time ." 

EXPERIENCE: Domestic Heating Background: Over 20 years experience selling domestic heating products to specifiers, contractors and Installers. He also has experience is managing a small team. 
WHAT HE WANTS: He is looking for progression in his career to a regional sales manager role within the domestic HVAC sector or a sales role with a growing company where there will be opportunity for progression in the future. 

Over 20 years experience in external sales. In his last two sales roles he was the top sales person. Out of a team on 14 guys his was always number . He negotiated and secured the company a deal that has gone on to make the business over a million pounds. 

1st REFERENCE: One employer said about him: "Would have him back tomorrow. If I could name one of the best sales guys it would be him for his sales, attitude and relations to customers. He often used to come in to work on a Monday with an order he had taken from a customer over the weekend. " 
2nd REFERENCE: Another said: "He is not afraid to ask for an order. If I called him at 7am in the morning or 6pm in the evening, he would answer the phone. He is always in front of the customer." 

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