3 in 10 Job Hunters Looking for Career Change

3 in 10 Job Hunters Looking for Career Change

21 Oct 15:00 by James Thornhill


It seems that those who are losing their jobs due to the fallout from Covid-19 are not just looking for a new role, they’re switching to a completely new sector. 

Job site Indeed says 3 in 10 job searches don’t specify a sector as evidence grows that job hunters are casting their net wide and showing a willingness to take a completely new career direction.

If you’re widening your search beyond your current industry, HVAC sales might be one area to consider. With sustainability legislation boosting investment in energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning and the government’s clear focus on building the UK out of recession, HVAC and building services look set to be resilient industries.

If you have a proven track record in sales and would be interested in applying your knowledge and experience in a slightly different field, get in touch.

Or perhaps you have been working in an engineering role within one of the HVAC sectors and want to use your industry knowledge to help contractors and consultants find the best solutions for their projects.

The key message to those currently looking for work is that it is your skills and not necessarily your industry that an employer will be interested in. There will always be exceptions to this and many employers value specific industry experience when recruiting for a new role. However, when you’re looking for a career change your first step should be to identify your transferable skills.

Once you’ve identified your core skills, look at each job you’re applying for and find out what kind of experience and skills are being asked for. Then tailor your CV accordingly. Yes, that does mean a new CV for each application.

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