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Business Process Outsourcing

As a specialist Recruitment Consultancy in HVAC and before that a management performance consultancy with engineering companies we have had a front row seat watching service operations in contractors and manufacturers' service teams for more than 20 years.

Our award-winning research into high performers in 75 companies showed us the benefits of establishing methods of measuring performance and recruiting to them.

Those years also showed us the limitations that even high performers can have on service delivery performance. Some of the common challenges that we meet in recruiting into service teams are how to:

1. Reduce your paperwork.

2. Get information about your engineers in real time.

3. Improve customer service.

4. Increase your first-time fix rate.

5. Reduce costs.

6. Engage with customers and increase customer retention.

So we have partnered with an award winning specialist in the field. ProcessFlows provide Pay as you Go, flexible and exceptional operations at lower cost. Processes, internal functions and business operations are delivered as a service for UK SMEs to cut costs, innovate, de-risk as well as scale up or down faster.