Search Recruitment

Search HVAC Recruitment

We offer both contingency and search approaches. But where a role is strategically important, and you want more focus to unearth good candidates in a difficult or specialised market like HVAC recruitment, we recommend a search recruitment approach.

The benefits of this service are:

  • We guarantee our candidate will perform at an agreed level, or we'll replace them for free.
  • We guarantee our candidate will stay for at least 6 months, or we'll replace them for free.
  • Search projects don’t cost you any more than contingency.

In return for us putting a lot more time into filling a job, and subsidising better advertising, clients agree to a sole supplier arrangement for the project or a limited period.

Projects have included Chilled Beam Sales Managers, Senior Specification Sales Jobs in Heating and Air Conditioning, and Boiler Product Managers.

Given the impact of a good performer in the right job and the fact that we have a 100% success record on search HVAC projects, the approach should become a win/win for both of us.