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Understanding the roles and organisations in HVAC – An HVAC Beginner’s Guide

Question: What’s the difference between an HVAC contracts engineer and an HVAC projects engineer? Answer: It depends who you ask. As anyone who works in the HVAC sector knows, it’s made up of such a diverse mix of companies that … Continue reading

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Social Media as a Career Tool for HVAC Professionals

Social media isn’t new but the way people use it changes almost as quickly as the content on their news feeds. Take Facebook for example. It was once the preserve of teenagers who couldn’t wait to share the ups and … Continue reading

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How the Green Deal will affect your career in the HVAC sector

The Government is on a mission to encourage Britain’s 26 million households and 4.5 million businesses to save energy. There may have been a big fanfare to announce the launch of its well publicised Green Deal but what does it … Continue reading

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