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How Good HVAC Employers Hold onto their Best Sales Staff

How Good HVAC Employers Hold onto their Best Sales Staff

over 11 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


There are some HVAC sales people who will never be persuaded to move on, no matter how exciting the career opportunity before them. Why? Because they already work for a great company, one that invests time and effort in making sure its best people stay.

So what is it that these dream firms are doing to make sure their most talented sales staff don’t have their heads turned by a bigger and better bonus or a faster and sleeker car? 

Here are the top five things that make a difference when HVAC employers want to retain their top sales people: 

Product Power 

It may be obvious but good sales people want to promote products that sell.  They want to hit target, after all. That’s why the most highly regarded HVAC brands in the business never have too much trouble finding really effective sales consultants and managers – or persuading them to stay. 

A Foot on the Ladder 

Firms that offer well defined career progression and job security will be rewarded with rising stars. Ambitious sales people want to climb towards a clearly defined goal.  Dangle a financial carrot from the top rung and a hungry sales engineer will reach it, particularly if there’s a change to bag a National Accounts Manager role too. 

Money, money, money 

Money isn’t everything, but it helps. An HVAC employer who can offer market leading earning potential will have the pick of the sales crop. That doesn’t necessarily mean the highest basic – sales people are switched on to earnings potential and if they’re good, they’ll be confident they can hit their targets and pocket that bonus. 

Small is beautiful 

Sales territories that is. Good sales people want to be in front of customers, not behind the wheel. Those covering large areas can clock up as much as 50k miles a year which is not only unsustainable, it’s also an inefficient use of resources. The best firms make sure they divide areas up wisely so their sales staff can keep their annual mileage under 25k. 

Well Managed Team 

A successful sales team will be well managed. Good sales managers know how to motivate their people and will help their sales engineers handle the highs and lows that are an inevitable part of any sales career. So there you have it. Next time you come across a sales person who hasn’t checked a job site for years, don’t assume it’s lack of ambition. Do ask them who they work for though.