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The Best Companies to Work for in the Ventilation Industry

The Best Companies to Work for in the Ventilation Industry

over 10 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


Whilst a slowdown in construction has undoubtedly impacted heavily on the ventilation sector there are plenty of manufacturers that have managed to overcome the effects of recession by responding to the demands of new health, safety and environmental legislation through innovation and development.

This process of evolution has seen the fittest not only survive but thrive, creating some outstanding career opportunities for those working in ventilation sales.

So how do you tell the best from the rest?

Product Range 

Ventilation companies that have risen to the challenge and developed their product range in line with new energy efficiency legislation and building regulations have certainly made their sales people’s jobs easier. A good sales person with a reliable product range from a manufacturer with a strong reputation and innovative approach should have no trouble hitting and exceeding target, particularly if the prices of the systems and accessories are competitive.


Contractors, consultants and developers need to know that the product in front of them is the right one for the job. To remain competitive ventilation manufacturers should train their sales teams to give them an in-depth knowledge of the features of their products and the latest technical developments in the industry. Good product knowledge and a thorough understanding of the market will instil confidence in the customer and make it much easier to agree a deal.


High performing sales people are naturally competitive and want to play an integral role in the development and success of the business they work in. Good ventilation companies will provide opportunities for personal development and career progression. The very best companies will also operate with an openness that enables proactive employees to contribute to the growth of the business by sharing ideas and insight.


We’ve already mentioned that the best companies are those that have innovated in line with industry trends. Those that are truly at the top of their game are the ones that listen, change and adapt in line with the industry and the feedback they receive from clients and employees. In such a competitive market the greatest opportunities for growth lie in brand differentiation and the development of niche products to meet specific customer needs.