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The Best Commercial Heating Companies to Work For

The Best Commercial Heating Companies to Work For

over 10 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


The recession has driven down profit margins in the commercial heating sector and whereas some firms are slashing their prices to win market share, others are taking a different approach to help them win more sales.

Rapid Response

Consultants and contractors are working against the clock to tight deadlines. They want a quick response to technical and commercial queries. The best companies will make sure their sales teams have the knowledge themselves or can access all the information they need, fast.

We Can Manage

Savvy heating manufacturers are encouraging their sales teams to stay close to the project long after the paperwork has been signed off, not necessarily to the extent that they are project managing the installation but certainly enough to be able to support and advise on the product and its capabilities between sale and completion. Sales managers whose companies support them in ongoing client care are adding value for their customers and their employer.

Winning Reputation

The old adage “Buy Cheap, Buy Twice” may help to explain why many larger organisations still like to specify their preferred brands. The days of the sole supplier may be long gone but there are still plenty of companies that will go out to tender with a preferred list of trusted heating manufacturers. For these clients the key priorities are lifecycle, maintenance and service. They don’t want a product that’s going to break down and if there are any problems five, ten or even fifteen years down the line they want parts and technical support to be easily available.

Seen to be Green

Renewable energy is an integral element of most new commercial heating installations, particularly in the public sector where the government needs to be seen to be meeting its own green guidelines. Those companies that have spent time over the last few years adding to their portfolio of products and have a sound knowledge of renewable technology and incentives, with a product range to match, are now starting to reap the rewards.

Great Expectations

The best commercial heating manufacturers are those that understand the importance of price and can offer competitive quotes alongside quality, service and warranties. Customers expect the latest heating systems to be efficient and well made so cost and service will make all the difference when it comes to sealing the deal.