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What skills does a commercial heating sales person most need to succeed in the current market?

What skills does a commercial heating sales person most need to succeed in the current market?

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*Updated November 2022*

This blog has been one of our most popular reads over the years and we have recently reviewed it to bring it right up to date.

Price remains a key issue in today’s commercial heating market and can be the make or break factor when negotiating a deal. Even in such a cost sensitive market, there are certain skills that can put some sales people head and shoulders above the competition.

This blog was originally written following research into the commercial heating sector which uncovered trends, challenges and evidence of a fierce price war.

Price is still a big issue and we are seeing some specifications for more advanced products falling at the last hurdle on price. In such a competitive arena there are important qualities that can help the most talented sales people win business and, hopefully, retain margin.

Almost 94% of those questioned in our original survey told us that a sales professional who can build strong relationships with existing and potential customers has the best chance of securing the business.

Technical understanding was felt to be the second most important quality, closely followed by good negotiation skills.

Here are some of the other qualities that make a top commercial heating sales person according to industry experts:

  • A solid understanding of competitors’ business offerings

  • An ability to relate to customers and craft a suitable solution

  • Honesty and integrity

  • Sector experience

  • Product knowledge

Relationships are particularly important in the commercial heating sector as customers need to have confidence in the person selling to them as well as the product and brand.

Personality, confidence and experience, however, go hand in hand with technical know how. Sales professionals who can prove they have a thorough understanding of the market, the competition and the application of their product portfolio will be able to find the best solution for their customer and ultimately secure a bigger share of the market.

The battle lines may be drawn in pounds and pence but as any commander will tell you, strategy wins wars. 

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