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HVAC sales: The interview

HVAC sales: The interview

almost 10 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


Interviews can be daunting, particularly if you are changing careers, but the key to a successful outcome is preparation.

Thinking seriously about the interview beforehand will not only prepare you for the questions you will face, but will also help you remain calm and composed throughout.

Before the interview, think about what skills, experience and knowledge the role requires, and how you can fulfil those requirements. Find out more about the company and the role (take a look at the company’s website for starters), and what kind of interview you will be attending.

Consider your career so far and what have been your biggest successes and disappointments. Think about what your colleagues would say about you, both positively and negatively.

Practise answering questions that you think the interviewer may put to you. You might be asked how you would fare against the competition, and how you would sell certain products. You could be asked to demonstrate your technical knowledge, or show what you know about legislation surrounding the company’s products.

If you’ve worked in sales before, questions are likely to cover your previous performance, the products you sold and the customers you worked with, so make sure you can relate this information.

If you know anyone who is currently in the role or a similar one, find out from them what they were asked at interview and, in particular, which questions they found the most challenging.

During the interview, remember to make clear what your reasons are for applying for the role. Always be positive not only about the job, but also about the company. Show an interest in the role – ask about performance measurements and targets, and which manager you would report to.

Stay calm and always answer questions honestly. Try to give examples to support what you’re saying. Bear in mind the requirements of the role when answering questions.

And finally, should you make it to a second interview, be prepared to be asked to give a presentation. The ability to use PowerPoint is pretty much a must for this.

Good luck!