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How Air Conditioning Manufacturers can Lead in a Competitive Market

How Air Conditioning Manufacturers can Lead in a Competitive Market

over 9 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


Today’s air conditioning sector is highly competitive and price driven.

Each contract involves long periods of negotiation and planning spanning months or even years. Air conditioning sales engineers typically deal with between two and four contacts within a client organisation during the tendering process and they will frequently be required to provide information on performance, efficiency, return on investment and system design.

If manufacturers are to succeed in this market they need to invest in their people and their products, as we discovered when we asked sales personnel for their views on what manufacturers can do to stay ahead of the competition.

Better training

Employee training was highlighted as one of the most important elements of an air conditioning manufacturer’s commercial strategy in our survey. Sales engineers who understand their products and how they have been developed to meet client needs will have the best chance of success in front of a customer.

Product Innovation

Investment in product innovation is essential if a company’s products are to stay abreast of regulatory and environmental demands. A company that can prove it is at the forefront of product development will be respected and trusted.


In our survey brand reputation was cited as a one of the most important factors for sales engineers when selling ventilation products. Marketing and brand are therefore essential if a manufacturer is to build a reputation for quality and reliability.


Having the right people can make the difference between success and failure, however good the product and price. Our survey found that a deal often comes down to relationships and clients like to deal with someone who they feel has integrity and understanding of the project in hand.


Price is an important factor and manufacturers need to get the balance right between creating products that meet the necessary energy efficiency requirements and the cost of producing them. Some air conditioning products can be unnecessarily complex and expensive, pricing them out of the market.

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