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What HVAC Manufacturers can do to keep their best people

What HVAC Manufacturers can do to keep their best people

over 9 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


The New Year is often a time for high performers to reflect on the success of the past 12 months and re-evaluate their future career path. Sales figures are likely to have been finalised, bonuses are in the pipeline and new opportunities are on the horizon.

Understandably, HVAC manufacturers are keen to avoid losing their best sales people to the competition so what can they do to create an environment that makes them want to stay, even after this year’s bonus has been paid?

Talk about career development 

Most HVAC sales professionals leave for something better – more money, better opportunities, a clearer career path. Whatever it is that draws them away, it’s usually because they don’t think they can get the same thing where they are. Bosses who engage with their staff about where they want to go with their careers and support them in their goals will make them feel that there’s something worth sticking around for.

Cut the red tape

Many disenchanted employees blame the culture of their current organisation for their decision to move on. They may feel that they’re not being listened to or that decisions are being made that will make their jobs more difficult. A change in regime that they don’t agree with or don’t see the point of will often lead them to look for new opportunities. Employers can avoid this by ensuring staff are consulted about culture changes and that the reasons behind any rule changes are discussed in detail before they’re implemented.

Don’t be a bad loser

Even the best employers will lose staff from time to time but the way they handle the exit can have a big impact on their reputation. Many companies have clauses in their employment contracts aimed at protecting their business interests should employees defect to a competitor and there are clearly good commercial reasons for this. However, a company that is too heavy handed in its approach or that tries to impose additional restrictions on departing employees will not be doing itself any favours in the long run. As they say, bad news travels five times faster and further than good news and your ex-employees are likely to want to share their experiences with others in the industry.

Create a success story

People like to feel that they’re part of something great so businesses that shout about their successes are going to attract attention – and talent. Companies that are strong on brand, PR and marketing are desirable to high performers because they want to work somewhere that is well respected and well run. What’s more, talent draws in talent, as ambitious people prefer to work in a stimulating environment alongside colleagues who are equally driven.