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What HVAC Sales Engineers are Looking for in an Employer – and What Manufacturers can do to Tempt Them

What HVAC Sales Engineers are Looking for in an Employer – and What Manufacturers can do to Tempt Them

over 9 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


Over the past 12 months the HVAC labour market has tightened and, as more jobs become available, the highest performing sales engineers are actively looking at the credentials of potential employers to find the best companies and the top jobs. 

A Job Seeker’s Market 

In 2015 the UK is expected to make further progress towards full employment. This is particularly true in the HVAC market where demand for heating, ventilation and air conditioning products is increasing as the construction industry recovers from years of recession. With more jobs available, the most talented sales engineers are looking carefully at their options. Yes, that means weighing up different salary and bonus packages, but it also means looking carefully at the manufacturers themselves and whether they offer the right career environment. 

What are HVAC sales engineers looking for in an employer? 

We launched our research into the best HVAC companies to work for last year and asked sales engineers to tell us what they wanted from an employer. They told us that they favoured working for companies that were strong on brand, service and product range. They valued ongoing training to keep them abreast of new product features and they wanted to see a strong marketing strategy to provide support to their role. 

How can HVAC manufacturers become the best companies to work for? 

Brand, product range and technical support are all useful for attracting employees but if manufacturers are going to keep their best people they need to be providing much more for their staff. Sales engineers said the factors that generated loyalty and made a ‘good company’ in the eyes of its employees included effective management procedures, financial rewards and flexible working. The best companies to work for will therefore combine market presence, innovation and an awareness of customer needs with solid internal management structures and staff incentives that will develop loyalty and reputation.