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Where to find the best HVAC sales jobs in the UK

Where to find the best HVAC sales jobs in the UK

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If you’re looking for an HVAC sales job your starting point should be a specialist HVAC recruiter that has strong relationships with some of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors.

Thornhvac has been placing sales engineers in the HVAC field for more than 15 years and has developed excellent links with commercial and domestic HVAC manufacturers.

The advantages of using a specialist recruiter

Our knowledge of the HVAC sector means we understand exactly what employers are looking for and can quickly identify whether or not a particular candidate is right for a role. This saves time for both the employer and the candidate.

We carry out regular research to establish the key priorities of HVAC manufacturers and their sales personnel. This informs our candidates ahead of the interview process and provides manufacturers with useful insight to ensure they attract and retain the best staff.

How the process works

A quick web search will bring up the latest vacancies in commercial heating, domestic heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The Thornhvac website lets candidates search by job type, role and region to create a shortlist of suitable jobs.

Although online searches can provide a useful list of opportunities, we would always encourage those searching for HVAC sales jobs to get in touch with us so that we can match them to the most suitable jobs. This also means we can let you know about jobs that might not be featured on the website and new opportunities as they arise.

Who to work for

The best way to find out which HVAC companies are the best to work for is by asking those who already work in the sector. If you are seeking work in the UK from abroad, for example, you may not be familiar with the manufacturers and may not have a network of colleagues to ask. Thornhvac carries out ongoing research into the best HVAC companies to work for and the latest results of this study are regularly published on our website and in the media.