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5 Reasons to consider a career in the HVAC sector

5 Reasons to consider a career in the HVAC sector

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A strengthening economy and growing construction sector is creating new career opportunities within the HVAC sector and this is leading candidates from other industry sectors to consider a career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Here are 5 reasons why finding a job in the HVAC industry could be a good career move:

1. A chance to build on your existing skills 

As the HVAC market poises itself for rapid growth, candidates from all industry backgrounds are looking for ways to apply their skills to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors. A move to HVAC offers a chance to acquire knowledge related to this expanding area of the economy and those skills could bring new career opportunities. The HVAC sector requires a broad range of skills. In the contractor market alone there are jobs for technicians, installers, fleet managers, project managers and sales people, not to mention HR, logistics and customer service.

2. New avenues for engineers

Modern HVAC products are technologically advanced and this has led to a need for those with mechanical and electronic engineering skills. Wireless components, sophisticated software and digitally integrated systems require specialist understanding in planning, sales, project management, networking and repair. This is offering exciting new avenues for those with an engineering background, particularly candidates with strong electronic and IT skills.

3. Career progression

Time and again we come across high performing candidates working at senior level with major HVAC manufacturers whose careers began at grass roots level. HVAC is one of those industries where it really is possible to climb through the ranks and use the skills that have been picked up along the way. The founders of many of today’s thriving HVAC manufacturing firms in the UK and abroad started as installers, moving on to project management, sales and product development roles as their knowledge of the industry and the needs of their customers grew.

4. Growing demand

The current rise in the number of HVAC vacancies is directly proportional to demand for products. This is being driven partly by the strength of the economy but also by new regulations in building control and environmental performance. Innovation in energy efficiency and quality is also helping to fuel demand for new systems that are cheaper and more effective to run than existing systems.

5. A sense of satisfaction

HVAC engineers and sales people frequently report high levels of job satisfaction. This is often because they are directly responsible for solving customer problems and working with them to design solutions. Often they are required to adopt a creative approach to find the best product or systems for the customer’s needs. The high level of innovation in product design and development means this is an industry that never stands still which in turn makes it an exciting environment for building a career.