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5 HVAC Sales Tips

5 HVAC Sales Tips

almost 9 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


HVAC sales is a highly technical industry sector that involves relationship building, product knowledge and excellent negotiation skills. Commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning projects take many months, or even years, to reach fruition and during that time an HVAC sales engineer will be involved in the design and planning process at multiple levels.

Here are five tips on selling heating, cooling and ventilation products and services to contractors and consultants.

  • Know your market. Research the types of markets where your products are most likely to be of interest and where you feel you can make a difference. If you don’t have the capability to offer the right solution you’ll be wasting your customer’s time as well as your own.
  • Be authoritative. A successful initial pitch will depend on you having detailed technical information at your fingertips. Be ready to communicate the key advantages of your offering in a way that means something to the consultant or contractor in front of you. Match the information you provide to the needs of their sector.
  • Stand out. HVAC sales is a competitive business and you’re likely to be up against a number of companies who may challenge you on price. What can you offer in terms of added value that will help you stand out from the competition? Service and warranty packages are good game changers as are features that may not be available from other manufacturers.
  • Show an interest. You’ll do a better job for your potential customer if you understand their business so find out what they need. They will appreciate you taking a real interest and it will help you tailor your approach and pick out the best solutions for them.
  • Be direct. Contractors and consultants are busy people with limited time available to meet sales people. If you’re lucky enough to get a meeting with them respect their time, come well prepared and get your message across quickly and clearly.