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Do I need HVAC design training to become a sales engineer?

Do I need HVAC design training to become a sales engineer?

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HVAC sales professionals and design engineers are expected to be actively involved in the planning of the mechanical services that will form an essential part of a building’s internal environment and external environmental impact.

To provide the best service to their clients, sales engineers need to have a solid understanding of the principles involved and how the technologies they offer can be applied.

Training and qualifications HVAC design engineers tend to be qualified mechanical engineers whose role it is to design heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Sales engineers will need a basic understanding of the engineering principles involved and the planning process.

Their key expertise, however, will be in matching the technology they can offer to a specific project. Most leading HVAC manufacturers provide in-depth product training to their sales teams so that their employees can promote the features of the technology and recommend the best options to clients.  

Experience Many HVAC roles are highly specialist and employers will be looking for evidence of familiarity in a specific field. This could be sector specific, such as renewables or M&E, or technology related, for example a good knowledge of ventilation systems or refrigeration applications.

Some roles will require experience of working with other professionals within a particular industry, such as retail. HVAC sales engineers with several years of experience in one field will have a better understanding of the design needs of their clients and how their manufacturer’s products can meet the requirements of other prospects in the industry.

External courses Anyone looking to develop a career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning sales will need to combine sales experience with technical knowledge. Candidates with strong sales experience may look to expand their engineering expertise by attending coursed that are relevant to the HVAC field they want to work in.

There are a huge number of HVAC training courses available. Ask colleagues and contacts for recommendations. It is also be worth asking your employer as funding may be available for certain accredited courses.

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