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HVAC Jobs Boost as M&E Sector Set to Expand

HVAC Jobs Boost as M&E Sector Set to Expand

almost 9 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

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The HVAC jobs market is looking forward to a boost over the next four years following a recent study that estimated 7% growth by 2019.

The market is benefitting from an uplift in the economy and an increase in demand for installations to improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction.

The research predicts a trend towards a more holistic M&E service, offering design, build and project management alongside traditional mechanical and engineering capabilities. This is likely to increase the need for a broader focus in the HVAC sales process to encompass these areas and negotiate with the whole project team.

It also points to sustained growth in non-domestic construction year on year. With the exception of education, where growth is expected, cuts to government spending could reduce opportunities in the public sector.

We have already seen strong growth in the HVAC jobs market during 2015 and our communications with manufacturers indicate that confidence is good for the year ahead. We anticipate that this will yield excellent career opportunities, particularly for sales people with a strong technical background in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.