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HVAC sales salaries – what factors affect how much you can earn?

HVAC sales salaries – what factors affect how much you can earn?

almost 9 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


HVAC sales salaries are affected by a number of factors and as part of our latest industry research we are currently gathering facts and figures from across the UK to understand more about these variations.

The responses we have received so far in our 2015 HVAC salary survey indicate a number of interesting influences on basic salary levels and bonus payments.

Here is a summary of the key influencing factors that can determine how much HVAC sales engineers and area sales managers are paid.

Location Where you live can have a significant impact on your earning potential. HVAC sales engineers operating in London and the South East are amongst the best paid in the UK with sales people in the Midlands and the South also doing well. We will be looking at the impact of geography in more detail when the final results of our survey are published.

Employer As with any profession, some employers pay more than others. Smaller firms often give higher commission and lower basic with larger companies offering higher basic salaries and a lower bonus.

Experience One of the factors our latest survey doesn’t take into account is experience. However, as specialist HVAC recruiters we know how important this is to employers. Many of the top paid HVAC sales jobs look for both technical experience and a proven sales record.

Sector The sector you work in has a strong influence on earning potential. Those selling heating systems for big commercial projects will generally earn more than engineers working in domestic heating sales, for example. Similarly, commercial ventilation and air conditioning sales people tend to be high earners compared to those working in other HVAC roles.