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What Qualities Make a High Performer in HVAC Sales?

What Qualities Make a High Performer in HVAC Sales?

over 8 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

High Performer

The highest performing sales people in commercial heating, air conditioning and ventilation are those that consistently exceed their targets and are well respected in their industry.

In a sales force of 10, the top 3 salespeople are likely to be the kind of candidates that HVAC manufacturers are prepared to pay higher than average salaries to attract.

These are some of the qualities that set high performers apart in the HVAC industry:

Know their customers High performing HVAC sales people will have worked in the industry for some time, generally specialising in a particular sector such as building services or retail. They will know their customers well and understand their product needs.

Good at selling It goes without saying that high performers will be good salespeople but what this really means is that they know their product range inside out and can hold their own with contractors, consultants and merchants. They will know about new projects and keep in touch with clients regularly so that they are in line to quote whenever a new opportunity comes up.

Professional High performers are motivated, competitive and intelligent. They have good technical knowledge and strong communication skills. Above all, they genuinely enjoy their work and want to do the best possible job for the customer.

Creative HVAC sales involves finding solutions to meet the needs of the client and this demands creativity. A really good HVAC sales engineer will ask lots of questions and listen to the answers given before coming up with suggestions that may not always be the most obvious. The highest performers are those that can inspire their customers to consider different ways of approaching things and a solution that will have a better outcome for the client.

Business minded Not only does a good HVAC sales engineer need to be able to show that they understand the client’s business, they also need to demonstrate that they recognise the importance of value. The economic arguments will always be key in any negotiation involving HVAC equipment and a true high performer will be able to manage the discussion around business issues, costs and value.

Known to manufacturers Top salespeople get themselves noticed by other manufacturers who find themselves coming up against them for contracts time and again. If a manufacturer keeps losing out to a particular salesperson they will have their eye on them and will be keen to have them on their team rather than selling for the competition.

Well prepared Highly successful salespeople take time to do their research before meeting a customer. This means they turn up before each meeting with the knowledge and information they need to answer any questions that might arise. They do their homework on the customer’s business and industry sector so that they can compete effectively and bring the right solutions to the table.

Champion their brand The best salespeople are brand ambassadors who enhance the reputation of the manufacturer they work for. Companies like dealing with them and find it easy to do business with them. There will be mutual respect between salesperson and customer and a level of trust that facilitates business and fosters a relationship between the two organisations.