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What Makes a Good HVAC Employer?

What Makes a Good HVAC Employer?

over 8 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


Throughout the year we have been running a survey to find out which HVAC manufacturers people regard as being the best to work for and the responses have thrown up some interesting thoughts on what makes a good HVAC employer.

Here are 10 things that HVAC sales engineers consider to be important in an employer:

  1. Brand: HVAC sales people like to work for a strong brand that is well recognised and associated with quality.
  2. Product: Good quality, innovative products are valued by sales engineers and they want to work with manufacturers that have a strong and reliable range.
  3. Marketing: It makes a sales person’s job much easier if they have a marketing machine behind them raising awareness about the products they are selling and the brand they represent.
  4. Training: Employees value training in product features and applications to support their role.
  5. Work environment: Employees want to work in a place where they feel valued and are supported to produce results.
  6. Career progression: Having a clear career path and the opportunity for development is an important issue for staff acquisition and retention.
  7. Management processes: Are there good procedures in place to help employees work effectively an efficiently?
  8. Leadership: Employees value management and leadership that is principled and ethical so that it supports employees and allows them to achieve their potential.
  9. Openness: Modern workplaces should promote openness and honesty at every level if they are to generate a culture of prosperity and success.
  10. Motivation: Staff respond to a company’s efforts to motivate and encourage them. In the case of salespeople this often involves incentives such as bonuses.

The frontrunners in our Best HVAC Companies to Work For survey exhibit many of these qualities according to the feedback we have received so far.