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What Differentiates a Good HVAC Employer?

What Differentiates a Good HVAC Employer?

over 8 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson

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As HVAC manufacturers respond to increased activity in the construction sector and new health, safety and environmental legislation the opportunities for growth are significant. A buoyant industry always attracts newcomers to the market, many offering products at highly competitive prices. So how can HVAC sales people differentiate themselves and their products?


Leading manufacturers in ventilation, heating and air conditioning invest in new technology and adapt their services and product range to meet the needs of their customers. This process relies on proactive salespeople who can listen to their customers, understand their requirements and communicate that information back. It also relies on the manufacturer they work for taking the time to listen and respond to that feedback.

Product Range 

If an HVAC sales person has a range of reliable and high quality products and the technical knowledge to be able to advise on how those products can be applied to the customer’s needs, their offer will stand out from the crowd.


A good employer will invest in training to make sure their sales people have in-depth understanding of the features of their products and how these relate to the latest technical developments in the industry. Contractors, consultants and developers want to be confident that the product being suggested to them is the right one for the job.

Good management 

The best HVAC companies have a culture of openness and a management structure that encourages communication between client, field sales person and internal customer service teams – and vice versa. A company that listens to its customers as well as its staff will naturally differentiate itself in a competitive market.

Career progression

In any industry, a structured and tailored approach to personal development and career progression is an essential element of a successful company. The best HVAC employers will therefore offer opportunities for personal development and career progression, thereby encouraging their best sales people to remain with them.