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How district heating schemes are shaping the HVAC sector

How district heating schemes are shaping the HVAC sector

over 8 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson


The popularity of district heating schemes is being driven by the government’s target of using such systems to provide 14% of the UK’s energy needs by 2030.

What is a district heating scheme and how does it work? 

District heating schemes carry hot water from a central plant around a network of buildings through a system of flow and return pipes. By utilizing waste heat from industrial or commercial activities the system can reduce energy cost and carbon emissions throughout the network.

So how is this shaping the HVAC sector and how are manufacturers responding to this new opportunity? 

Technical expertise

Manufacturers and engineers who have been working in the HVAC sector for many years have the experience necessary to advise on design so that the lowest system return temperatures can be achieved. This will ensure the greatest carbon reduction potential and the most efficient system.

Keeping up with legislation

Commercial heating manufacturers are accustomed to designing their products in line with the latest legislation and regulatory requirements. When they are designing heat interface units (HIUs) for district heating schemes or advising partners on planning aspects of a potential system they will make sure current building standards are taken into consideration.

Maximising the opportunity

Some of the biggest names in commercial heating are already carving a niche for themselves in the district heating market. The expertise they can offer in innovation and maintenance is crucial to the success of the government’s drive to expand district heating in the UK and cut carbon emissions.

Meeting the challenge 

The challenge now is to ensure HVAC sales engineers are up to the task of designing the correct systems and advising their clients on the best combination of technologies and infrastructure to create the most effective system in each case. Every project is unique and the most successful HVAC companies will be those that can provide contractors and planners with the right level of expertise to create a high quality system that will deliver results and stand the test of time.