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The holistic approach to delivering a better HVAC sales service

The holistic approach to delivering a better HVAC sales service

about 8 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson

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As the construction industry grows and the use of the collaborative concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) increases, the focus is gradually shifting from the individual products used in a construction project to a more holistic approach.

Construction: A whole process approach

It makes sense to look at a construction project as a whole, as each design is different and there is no single solution to suit every single situation. Taking a holistic approach provides a cohesive, cost-efficient, time-saving and sustainable solution to a project.

How does this translate to HVAC Sales?

HVAC sales professionals can therefore ensure that they deliver a better service to their clients by offering holistic solutions, advising on whole systems rather than individual products.

The sales process needs to offer clients a one-stop solution that brings together a variety of individual components. Good HVAC sales professionals will be able to look at the project design as a whole and have the expertise to find various components that complement each other and, together, achieve the best solution for the project brief.

When dealing with an individual product, HVAC sales professionals need to be able to envisage how it fits in with a wider system, taking into account not just the other components, but also how each product sits with the overall specification of a project and its wider sustainability criteria.

Of course, for most sales people working for big manufacturers, this approach is nothing new – it just means that their experience and expertise in this area will be even more valued.

HVAC Sales and Design

For HVAC sales engineers to deliver the best client service they need to have a solid understanding of the principles involved in planning the mechanical services relating to the project they’re quoting for. 

A whole service approach to sales

Just as planning and building services are taking an increasingly holistic approach to masterplanning and construction, HVAC manufacturers expect more from their sales people than good sales skills. Sales experience and a proven track record of commercial success is important but cannot be relied on alone. 

What our research shows

Our own research shows that 94% of those working in the industry believe that a sales professional who can build strong relationships with existing and potential customers has the best chance of securing the business. Technical understanding was felt to be the second most important quality, closely followed by good negotiation skills.

The key to success in any sales role is relationships and this is particularly relevant in HVAC sales. Customers need to have confidence in the person selling to them – as well as in the product and brand.