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Best HVAC Manufacturers to Work For: The Results

Best HVAC Manufacturers to Work For: The Results

almost 8 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

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Thank you to everyone who took part in our research throughout last year to find the best HVAC manufacturers to work for, by sector, as chosen by those working in the industry.

The results have been covered in the media and we have launched new surveys for 2016 so that we can continue to monitor views and trends.

Three separate pieces of research focused on the commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors and asked employees which companies they perceived as being leaders in their field.

We gathered data from those currently working within the HVAC sector to find out which manufacturers sales people most wanted to work for.

We sought views on the manufacturers they perceive as being the best to work for, whether they are currently employed by them or not, and why certain manufacturers are perceived as being better than others.

The survey showed that product quality, good management and service and technical support were the strongest influencing factors when people made their decision about which company they would most like to work for.

A strong brand, the financial stability of the company and product availability were other key considerations amongst those questioned.

It was particularly interesting to read the individual comments and personal experiences of those taking part in the study and this threw the spotlight on many lesser known manufacturers who are valued by their employees for their products, service and working environment.

Manufacturers are continually innovating and raising their game which is why we will be continuing with our research year on year and reporting trends annually.