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How much does a HVAC sales engineer get paid?

How much does a HVAC sales engineer get paid?

almost 8 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


It’s the all-important question that many of us don’t like asking but salary is something you’ll be keen to consider when applying for HVAC sales jobs and looking for the next move in their HVAC careers.

Thornhvac carried out a HVAC salary survey last year with the results showing a definite North/South divide.

The study revealed that HVAC sales engineers in London and the South East are commanding much higher salaries than those in the North.

The survey looked at salaries by region in the heating, air conditioning and ventilation sectors in the UK and was part of Thornhvac’s commitment to inform employers and those working in the industry.

The results were most marked in the commercial heating sector with 60% of commercial heating sales engineers covering the Midlands and the North of England earning a basic salary below £40k, compared to 35% in London and the South East.

In London and the South East, 16% of heating sales engineers earn a basic salary of £50k, compared to 5% in the Midlands and North.

In the ventilation sector, 42% of sales engineers in London and the South East earn a basic salary above £45k – in the Midlands it’s 36% and in the North it’s 17%.

Air conditioning sales engineers’ salaries follow the same trend – with 42% earning an annual basic salary above £45k in the South East, compared to 16% in the Midlands and 28% in the North.

However, the survey did show that those working in the North are more satisfied with their salaries in HVAC sales than those in London and the South East. This goes to show that it’s not always about the money but where you are based that must be taken into consideration. These trends were mirrored in the other HVAC sectors

And when it comes to pay and benefits in HVAC, then the Midlands is the place to be. Sales professionals in the ventilation sector benefit from the highest bonus packages nationally in the Midlands where a third of ventilation sales engineers earn a bonus worth more than £20k on top of their basic salary.

In the South East, this figure is 18% of sales engineers and in the North just 5% fall into the top bonus bracket.