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Which Are the Best Air Conditioning Manufacturers to Work For?

Which Are the Best Air Conditioning Manufacturers to Work For?

almost 8 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

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The best air conditioning  manufacturers to work for in the UK have been chosen by those who currently work in the industry.

Thornhvac conducted a study throughout 2015 to find out which air conditioning manufacturers people perceived as being leaders in their field and good companies to work for.

The research highlighted four big names in the air conditioning sector – Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Airedale and Toshiba – as being amongst the best to work for according to those questioned. There were mentions for many other manufacturers of air conditioning products and some interesting feedback from those involved in the study.  

Nearly 80% of those questions felt that the best companies to work for also had the best products on the market and almost a third mentioned good management practices as a reason for choosing them.

This wasn’t about asking people to tell us about their current or past employer and what they thought of them. It was about perceptions within the industry.

Our key objective was to understand why some companies had a good reputation with those working in the air conditioning sector and what factors influenced those opinions.  

The survey gave respondents an opportunity to mention specific details about companies they had personal experience of and this provided some useful information on some of the less high profile brands. This will be particularly useful in our work as we talk to candidates about the different career opportunities we have available in the air conditioning sector.