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What is a cooling design and development engineer?

What is a cooling design and development engineer?

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There’s a wide variety of jobs available in the HVAC sector, and we’re often asked for more details on specific roles.

So we thought we’d run a series of HVAC job descriptions. In this latest one, we look at the work of a cooling design and development engineer.

Job description

The role involves working for an HVAC manufacturer to design, develop and test refrigeration, cooling and air conditioning components, technologies and systems.

Day-to-day activities

This is a hands-on role in the R&D of refrigeration, cooling and air conditioning products and components. It involves testing them and analysing data, as well as designing components, developing programs for new products and managing budgets.

Other daily activities can include overseeing product efficiency, as well as using simulation tools to help select components, analyse data on heat transfer and thermodynamics, and carry out tests.

The job also requires the development of lab programs for new products, and the use of computer programs such as Matlab.

Budget management of projects is also part of the role, along with the co-ordination of supporting activities.


A degree in mechanical engineering is generally required, and a Masters degree is preferred to demonstrate an understanding of the science of thermal fluids.

Skills and attributes

A cooling design and development engineer needs to have an understanding and / or experience of R&D in the air conditioning, refrigeration or cooling sector. They will be able to consider not only the design and testing of a product, but also the safety, cost effectiveness and manufacture of new designs, as well as modernising existing products.

Technical and analytical skills are essential, as is a comprehensive understanding of air conditioning and refrigeration design. Experience of system simulation and psychometric testing are also vital skills for the role.

The role also demands IT skills and proficiency in Matlab or EES, as well as knowledge of industry developments, standards and legislation.

The ideal candidate for the job would have an eye for detail, and be able to work on their own initiative or as part of a team. Project management experience is also highly desirable.

Flexibility and a willingness to travel both at home and abroad are also a requirement  for the role with many HVAC companies.

Earning potential

Cooling design and development engineers can earn up to £45,000 basic salary, depending on background, experience and qualifications, with a range of additional benefits.

Job satisfaction 

Career development can be good and, depending on the company you work for, there can opportunities to work internationally or even relocate abroad.

The work is varied, and can be creative and rewarding.

Find out more

If there’s something you’d like to know about the role of a cooling design and development engineer that we haven’t covered here, we’d be happy to help further. Or we could point you in the direction of cooling design and development engineer roles available right now. Call us on 0115 8714 777.