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CV writing tips for HVAC sales engineers

CV writing tips for HVAC sales engineers

about 7 years ago Empty Jenni Moulson

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Employers receive dozens of CVs for every role and some of the most sought after HVAC jobs will attract hundreds of applicants. So how do you stand out from the crowd and secure an interview for your ideal HVAC sales job?

 Don’t let potential employers switch off when reading your CV

With so much competition for top jobs in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, you’ll want to make sure the employer has a good reason to stop and read your application.

The quickest way to catch their attention is in your brief profile statement at the top of the document. Avoid general phrases that could apply to anyone such as “highly motivated self starter” and highlight key qualities as specifically as possible.

For candidates applying through Thornhvac, part of our role is to do the hard work for the employer and sift through the applications carefully. If you have seen a job on our website and are interested in applying, make sure you include key information that relates specifically to the job description so that we can see immediately that you have the relevant experience for the role. 

Most employers are inundated with applicants for every job and they aren’t mind-readers so don’t be afraid to state the obvious while keeping your CV concise and to-the-point.

It may sound obvious but your CV should say who you are, your skills (and relevant air conditioning and HVAC experience) and why you’re the best person for the job.

Tailor your CV to each specific job you apply for – it is vital to ensure the script is relevant to each job application, rather than sending the same generic CV.

Here are our top tips for a great HVAC sales CV

  • keep it simple and in a readable font. Two pages of A4 is more than enough.
  • Include key information – personal details, including name, address, phone number, email address and any professional social media presence should be clear.
  • Showcase achievements – offer evidence of how targets were exceeded and ideas created, but always be honest. If you’re a good salesman – say so and mention any targets you’ve hit or smashed!
  • Be specific and honest – you may well be caught out in interview if you are economic with the truth.
  • Check and double check – avoid sloppy errors, take a fresh look the next day and ask for a second opinion from a friend or colleague. You rarely spot your own mistakes.

 For more advice on applying for HVAC sales roles contact us on 0115 8714 777.