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How Thornhvac is finding high performing sales people for top HVAC jobs

How Thornhvac is finding high performing sales people for top HVAC jobs

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High performing sales people are always in high demand and the HVAC sector currently has a real shortage of good candidates to fill top commercial roles.

We are responding to this shortage by approaching senior executive recruitment slightly differently.

What makes a high performer?

Thornhvac has always had a strong focus on high performing individuals and in recent years we have carried out in-depth research into the way high performers think, communicate and relate to people. We analysed 150 people in 75 companies, including those in the HVAC sector.

Our research demonstrated that high performers think and behave differently to other people. The advantage for employers is that they also tend to enjoy their job and stay longer than other candidates.

Using this knowledge of the high performer profile and our experience in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and BMS sectors, we have begun to review candidates and contacts to highlight those who would be most suited to filling senior commercial HVAC vacancies.

Candidates who have demonstrated consistently strong performance in the workplace are most likely to succeed in roles where there is potential to progress into more senior positions. A high performing junior salesman is more likely to turn into a high performing senior salesman and is more likely to perform well in a sales role in different company, as they are motivated and skilled at working out success strategies.

We rank workplace performance based on a number of factors and corroborated by references from at least two previous employers. Those candidates scoring 4 out of 5 are within the top 30% of their peer group and those scoring 5 out of 5 are in the top 10%.

Sourcing high performing sales people for HVAC companies

We have invested a great deal of time in understanding the qualities of a high performer and we recognize that outstanding employees are born, not made. They can, however be developed further if they are within the right business and surrounded by the right culture.

Our job is to identify those candidates who fall within the top 30% and who have the potential to grow. We can then work with our clients to suggest individuals who we believe will make a significant contribution to their organization.

This is not a one-way process. We have already mentioned above that high performers are typically loyal and do not move job easily. Part of our role, therefore, as specialist recruiters, is to find the right company, culture and working environment for the candidate. Unless we can match them to a role that will stretch and interest them, they will undoubtedly be reluctant to consider the opportunity and may not thrive in that particular position or with that company.

Thornhvac now has a dedicated section on the website where clients can find a summary of the experience of some of the latest high performing candidates that we have available.