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What is a Trainer

What is a Trainer

about 7 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


We’re running a series of blogs aimed at giving more information about the various HVAC jobs available and the qualifications and attributes needed for them.

Here, we take a look at the role of a trainer. Typically these jobs are advertised as plumbing and heating trainer or air conditioning trainer.

Job description

An installer trainer instructs boiler installation engineers on how to carry out their job effectively. The largest employer of trainers is local colleges and independent training centres. However, many of the big domestic boiler manufacturers now have their own state-of-the-art training centres and employ specialist trainers to run sessions with teams of service engineers. This means manufacturers can keep engineers up to date with the latest product innovations and technical advances as well as developing their skills in installation, servicing and repair. Trainers tend to specialise in either heating or air conditioning when working for manufacturers. The key advantage of working for a manufacturer is that you’re always working on leading edge kit and you’re dealing with committed engineers rather than college students.

Day-to-day activities

Daily tasks include providing technical training to installation engineers about products, processes and systems. The role may also require some customer training.

Part of the role of an installer trainer is to develop training courses that keep pace with the creation of new technologies.

The training centres give installation engineers the opportunity to practise working on real boilers and learn about typical problems for their brand. Other activities of an installer trainer, therefore, will include developing the equipment and facilities on offer at the training centre.


Most installer trainers have previously worked as installation or service engineers, and all have worked in the HVAC industry for a significant number of years.

Previous teaching or coaching experience is helpful but not essential.

Skills and attributes

Excellent technical knowledge is vital but equally important is the ability to explain that knowledge in a clear and engaging way. Teaching requires top-class communication skills, both in terms of explaining information in a simple and understandable way, as well as listening to students’ queries and providing helpful solutions.

Installer trainers will usually have been service engineers themselves and this gives them a real understanding of the challenges and everyday tasks that face the engineers they are training.

The role of an installer trainer requires confidence speaking in front of an audience. An approachable and friendly personality is also vital in putting students at ease.

An ability and desire to constantly expand knowledge for the role is also vital in keeping up with the ever-changing industry regulations and advances in new equipment and systems.

Earning potential

An installer trainer typically earns between £35,000 and £40,000 basic salary depending on experience, with a range of additional benefits.

Job satisfaction

A training role can be very rewarding and enjoyable as the trainer has the opportunity to share the experience and expertise they’ve gained after years on the job. A great sense of satisfaction can be felt from helping others to learn new skills and technologies which will help them in their everyday jobs.

Working as an installer trainer is a great career progression for installation engineers who are looking to do something a bit different. But it’s not for everyone. Training can be demanding work and there’s a definite skill in conveying one’s personal knowledge in simple and understandable pieces of information.

An installer trainer usually works for one of the big domestic boiler manufacturers so there are usually lots of opportunities available through the company in terms of career development.

These companies are often also at the cutting edge of renewable technologies so installer trainers can be among the first to hear about these. Keeping up with new industry developments and passing that information on to students is key to the role, and this can make it interesting and exciting.

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