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What is an HVAC Sales Director?

What is an HVAC Sales Director?

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We’re running a series of blogs giving more information about the wide range of HVAC jobs available, and the qualifications and attributes needed for them.

Here, we take a look at the role of an HVAC sales director typically for an HVAC manufacturer.

Job description

An HVAC sales director manages and oversees the sales process at all stages. They are involved in a wide range of areas such as: product development, sales and marketing, negotiations with key customers, distribution of products, budget management, sales projections, customer relationship management (CRM)and staff training and coaching.

Day-to-day activities

A key part of the HVAC sales director’s role is supporting and managing the sales team. They are responsible for building and retaining a solid, high-quality and united salesforce which understands both the customer and the products. This may sometimes involve a restructuring of the team or changes to the sales strategy. A sales director often needs to be available 24/7 to help with all aspects of the sales process.

HVAC sales directors are also involved in product management and development. They work with key clients, as well as contractors, engineers, and mechanical and electrical (M&E) consultants, to establish needs, generate new opportunities and identify the sales potential of new technologies.

Another key activity is planning and implementing the launch of new product ranges, or identifying and moving in to new markets. This also involves forecasting and marketing, as well as dealing with issues around product quality.

Sales directors maintain a focus on cost control, margins and sales revenue at all times – and they make sure their sales team does the same. As part of their role, they plan, implement and manage the sales (and possibly also marketing) budgets, as well as preparing forecasts, profitability and expenditure reports. They analyse operational costs, sales results and market conditions, and implement strategies and systems accordingly.

All of the above activities involve attending frequent meetings both at their business headquarters and also at venues in the UK and abroad.


An HVAC sales director will have worked in the industry for a number of decades. Often they will have begun their careers as welders, plumbers or engineers before progressing through the ranks via roles in technical sales or as sales engineers.

They may hold an HND or BTEC in an HVAC or construction-related field.

They will have gained a variety of qualifications throughout their career related to their HVAC specialism, as well as in health and safety, management, and training.

Skills and attributes

Excellent communication and negotiation skills are absolutely essential to the role. An HVAC sales director not only needs to build relationships with clients, contractors and distributors. They need to successfully engage with people at all levels, to explain and promote the benefits of their products. They are authoritative but approachable, confident but not arrogant, and the act with integrity at all times.

HVAC sales directors have a flexible and adaptable approach. This helps them to understand and keep abreast of changes to industry regulations and advances in new products, brands, technologies and systems.

They must also be adept and confident at delivering meetings and presentations, often at board level or at seminars and conferences. Excellent planning and project management skills are also required for marketing and exhibitions, presentations and budget implementation.

Because of their experience and their background, sales directors often have good technical and product knowledge.They are also able to impart that knowledge in a clear and understandable way to their sales team and clients.

Sales directors tend to be passionate, self-motivated and excellent at time management. They are also physically fit and have lots of energy, vital for the demands of the role and the amount of travelling required.

Earning potential

An HVAC sales director typically earns between £80,000 and £100,000 basic salary, with bonuses adding as much as £30,000, along with other benefits as part of the package.

Job satisfaction

Sales directors are high performers who tend to be driven not just by money but also by the satisfaction of achieving results and being recognised for their contribution. Many sales directors also find it very rewarding to manage and develop their salesforce, often taking a supportive approach to management and empowering their staff to perform to the best of their abilities.

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