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What’s Your Workplace Happiness Score?

What’s Your Workplace Happiness Score?

over 6 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

Workplace Happiness

When you're hunting for your next job, what do you look for? Pay, hours, location and relevance to your experience are likely to be at the top of the list but do you think about what an employer could, or even should, offer you beyond the hope of a bonus, or flexible working?

These concerns and considerations are important and understandable. They're tangible issues that can have considerable impact on your life. Too often, though, we make decisions based on these theoretical checklists that might tie in to career development rather than less tangible qualities in an employer that could result in greater workplace happiness.

Our team's happiness is really important to us. At Thornhvac, we believe that modern businesses thrive by having the ability to inspire their employees and deliver service to their customers. A happy workforce is an engaged one. But not only do we try to offer this for the team working for us, we know it's important for us to understand what HVAC companies offer their employees too. 

In order to do this, we ran a year-long survey that looked into just that. The survey gave us the following results:

  • Product quality, good management, good service and technical support were the strongest factors for people considering which company they would like to work for.
  • A strong brand, financial stability, and product availability were other key considerations.
What we found particularly interesting was the personal experiences offered in the study. These often threw the spotlight on many lesser known manufacturers who are valued by their employees for their products, service and working environment. Brand, financial stability, product and service quality are all factors that contribute to a sense of job satisfactionempowerment and a sense of pride in your work. 

These three things are undeniably important, but so are three other factors that have an even greater effect on your happiness. In a new book, former MD of the John Lewis Partnership, Mark Price, offers Six Steps to Workplace Happiness. He identifies Reward & RecognitionInformation Sharing and Well-being as the other steps needed to be taken towards workplace happiness.

His website offers a survey  which can help shed a light on your workplace happiness. It's a survey we've asked our team to take part in and we've been really interested in the results.

We work hard to concentrate on these six steps:

  1. Reward & Recognition
  2. Information Sharing
  3. Empowerment
  4. Well-being
  5. Instilling Pride
  6. Job Satisfaction

We try to be considerate of our employees’ needs by offering such benefits as flexible working and working from home. We don’t focus on traditional business needs (targets and KPIs). Instead we provide the data to help our employees understand our customers’ needs (clients and candidates) and the business processes that deliver them. That way we can work together to improve our processes and our service to customers.

We strive to create a culture of openness and that creates a flexible and collaborative workplace. We believe that this environment offers a place for our team to want to give their best and feel rewarded and motivated to achieve.

To take your next step towards HVAC workplace happiness, use our job search, or feel free to get in touch with us directly. If you’re considering a move into recruitment, we may be able to help with that too.