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What's it like to be a trainee recruitment consultant?

What's it like to be a trainee recruitment consultant?

about 6 years ago Empty Stacey Goodall

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What did you do before you joined Thornhvac? 

Before joining Thornhvac as a trainee recruiter I was studying for a degree and working at 

Tesco and part-time in a bar. It was full on but both roles helped me learn how to work as 
part of a team and talking to people – both essential qualities for a job with Thornhvac. 
What attracted you to recruitment? 

I was studying Events Management and particularly enjoyed the modules on HR policies, 
recruitment and retention. I was interested in peoples͛ motivations and why companies 
struggle to retain their staff. Thornhvac were recruiting for a trainee at the time, so I met 
Jason and Rob in the first instance. What was important to me was to have a ͚career͛ rather 
than just a ͚job͛, and they told me that Thornhvac supports development and outlines a clear 
career path – that͛s what made me think this was the company for me. 
Did recruitment turn out the way you expected it to? 

In all honesty, no! Because I͛ve had a promotion to a Recruitment Consultant looking after 
my own workload, the role has changed a lot in the 3 and a half years I͛ve been here. What I 
will say, is that it͛s a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. 
What are the first few weeks like at Thornhvac? 

The team at Thornhvac have developed their training program over several years. To begin 
with, it͛s learning how to use our systems and our database. 
The HVAC industry is quite daunting to begin with, there͛s a lot of technical terminology and 
buzzwords that you will have to get your head around – none of us are Engineers though. 
We don͛t necessarily need to know how an Air Conditioning system works but we are 
expected to have a good understanding of the basics and who the main manufacturers are. 
An understanding of our market gives us a competitive edge. It all comes with time. 

We also have access to a recruitment training website, which is hosted by a leading trainer 
in the industry. Despite being three and a half years into the job, I͛m still learning. We hold 
regular training meetings too to fine-tune our skills. 
What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I love the variety of recruitment: every day is completely different to the last. There is 
always a problem to solve, something can go right, something can go wrong. It͛s such a 
I͛m a bit of a problem solver too – I enjoy clients coming to me and explaining that they can͛t 
find the person they want. I love coming up with ideas and trying to find a solution with 
What do you find most challenging? 

Because it͛s such a rollercoaster, you do get your downs. You have a candidate that's
counter offered and decides to stay in their current role, or you are 100% positive a 
candidate is going to be offered and they don͛t. Sometimes it can be a bit of a shock to the 
system, especially when you haven͛t worked in recruitment before. Good thing is that in the 
office we have all been in the exact same position! We really pull together when things don͛t 
go quite to plan.