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Bringing the Cool Back into HVAC - how the industry is appealing to the Millennial generation

Bringing the Cool Back into HVAC - how the industry is appealing to the Millennial generation

almost 6 years ago Empty James Thornhill

Millennial Hvac

The HVAC sector has historically had a bit of an image crisis when it comes to attracting young talent but all that seems to be in the past and the industry is finally found its “cool” in an effort to appeal to a Millennial workforce.

Some of the biggest changes have been in the recruitment process and we have been interested to see how some HVAC and construction companies have managed to overcome preconceptions that this is an old-fashioned industry and become much better at communicating the benefits of a career in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and associated sectors.  


Generation Y has grown up with technology so they are very comfortable with the concept of applying online. They are also likely to check out potential employers on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to get a feel for the ethos of the business and how forward thinking it is. If you’re wanting to appeal to Gen Y it is worth looking at your website and social media channels through their eyes.

Health and Safety

For most Baby Boomers the topic of health and safety is pretty dull and uninteresting but Millennials have grown up in a culture of risk management. They not only understand why it’s important, they expect a workplace to be well managed and safe. Far from being the boring subject it once was, health and safety is cool again.

Training and development

With ever changing legislation affecting the HVAC industry more than most sectors, there is plenty of opportunity for personal development. Millennials are keen to know what training will be provided and how a role will help them develop both personally and professionally. HVAC employers have become far better at emphasising the career prospects available and what training will be provided on the job.

Job satisfaction

Millennials care deeply about making a difference so employers in the HVAC sector have had to focus on job satisfaction to attract the best young talent. Some of the most forward thinking HVAC manufacturers are now doing this really well, encouraging feedback from all their staff and involving them in ongoing dialogue rather than simply engaging with them once a year at their annual appraisal.

Skills gap

The HVAC sector has been suffering from something of a skills gap in the under 35 age bracket so a lot has been done to woo young workers into engineering and HVAC sales jobs. This has partly been achieved by focusing on a fun and friendly workplace culture. Team-building activities and outings have long been popular in office environments but the HVAC sector has had some catching up to do. Thankfully HVAC employers are doing much more to communicate the benefits of working in the industry and how much variety and opportunity there is across a huge range of roles.