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What is an air conditioning applications engineer?

What is an air conditioning applications engineer?

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Job description

An air conditioning applications engineer provides applications, design, estimating and technical support to customers and advises on the most suitable cooling products for an existing building or a scheme under planning or construction. The role includes providing technical advice to colleagues and clients to inform decisions about particular air conditioning products and systems and how they are applied.

Day-to-day activities

The role of an air conditioning applications engineer is varied and the role will differ from company to company. Broadly speaking, activities will include selecting air conditioning products that meet a client’s requirements, discussing budgets, outlining benefits of the various options available and preparing quotes. The role is likely to include negotiations and discussions with decision makers and specifiers. Air conditioning applications engineers provide design information to clients and present technical solutions before generating detailed applications and quotes. The use of design and product selection software will be an important part of the job and communication with clients and sales engineers will be a regular feature of the role.


Candidates will be expected to have a technical understanding of air conditioning although training on the manufacturer’s products will be provided. An HNC or degree in a building services or mechanical engineering discipline may be an advantage although not all employers will require this. Proficiency in design and CAD software as well as programmes such as Excel and Powerpoint will also useful and may be specifically requested by some employers.

Skills and attributes

Strong IT skills will be a significant advantage. Customer service skills will also be important as the role involves in depth discussions with clients and specifiers with ongoing communication throughout the duration of the project. Employers will be looking for strong negotiation and telephone skills as well as competence in numeracy and analysis.

Earning potential

Air conditioning applications engineers typically earn a basic salary of between £35,000 and £45,000 with a range of additional benefits. Each air conditioning manufacturer will offer a slightly different balance between basic salary and bonus package.

Job satisfaction

Air conditioning applications engineer roles typically offer excellent opportunities for career progression, plenty of variety and the chance to build long lasting relationships with clients, specifiers and companies in the building sector.

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