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Why the Clean Air Strategy is a huge opportunity for the HVAC industry

Why the Clean Air Strategy is a huge opportunity for the HVAC industry

over 5 years ago Empty James Thornhill

Clean Air

For the first time ever, indoor air quality is hitting the headlines almost as often as outdoor air pollution and this new focus on clean air at home and work presents a huge opportunity for the HVAC industry.

Earlier this year Sadiq Khan announced £1m to tackle poor air quality in London schools with recommendations including filtration systems to tackle indoor pollution. Meanwhile, the government’s Clean Air Strategy consultation is underway and the HVAC industry has been contributing ideas and suggesting ways in which technological advances in air conditioning and ventilation product development can enhance indoor air quality.

Health concerns spark growth in HVAC

Studies in the United States have revealed the positive impact that concerns over Indoor Air Quality have had on the growth and development of ventilation and air conditioning manufacturing, particularly in relation to care homes, commercial buildings and light industrial properties, schools and hospitals.

There is now far greater awareness of the impact of poor indoor air quality on health, particularly where the young and elderly are concerned. So-called ‘sick building syndrome’ is said to cause headaches and respiratory problems and has been attributed to poor ventilation and inefficient or poorly maintained air conditioning systems.

Innovation and expansion

Air conditioning and ventilation manufacturers are responding to the demand for clean air by developing new and efficient ways to optimise air quality. As well as innovating through new technology and product development, we have noticed that many are expanding their fleets of service engineers to ensure that systems which are already installed are performing well and are properly maintained.

Opportunities for air conditioning and ventilation sales engineers

Career opportunities for air conditioning and ventilation sales engineers also seem to be increasing as companies strengthen their technical teams and seek to inform customers of new technologies and their benefits in terms of indoor air quality. For those looking to develop their HVAC sales career, a knowledge and understanding of indoor pollutants, particularly VOCs, will be valued by the most progressive employers in the HVAC sector.