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How HVAC growth is driving the energy efficiency jobs market

How HVAC growth is driving the energy efficiency jobs market

over 5 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

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Strong performance in the HVAC manufacturing sector is driving job opportunities in energy efficiency engineering and technologies in the UK, following a trend that has already taken hold in the US.

The latest figures from the American National Energy Employment Analysis show that around 300,000 new energy and energy efficiency jobs are being created each year in the States, accounting for 14% of job growth.

So what exactly is driving the growth in energy efficiency jobs here in the UK?


The growth is being fuelled in part by increased demand for energy efficient products in a market that needs to meet ever tighter environmental compliance standards. The top HVAC manufacturers have been investing heavily in product development to enhance performance and meet the latest environmental regulations. Demand for graduate engineers with the knowledge required to help develop new technologies is particularly high.

Climate change

Greater awareness of climate change is partly linked to increasing legislation and the need to create low carbon buildings but there is also an ethical motivator that is helping to drive new initiatives in energy efficiency. With so much focus on climate change globally, large organisations in particular are keen to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they are installing green technology wherever possible.


We live in an age in which people prioritise comfort and safety. This in itself has stimulated the air conditioning and ventilation markets and as more offices, shops, gyms, leisure venues, schools, hospitals and homes seek to create a pleasant environment in which to live and work, there is a real interest in cooling technology and ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality. As the use of HVAC technology becomes more mainstream, the demand for compliant and efficient technology will naturally rise too. 


Investment in innovation and new product development is, in itself, driving growth. As more options become available, the market increases. In recent years we have seen a lot of new HVAC related industries enter the market offering advanced controls, IoT (internet of Things), smart home technologies and more. The HVAC sector is successfully evolving to meet the demands of a new generation and its ability to keep pace with changing technology is paying dividends.

Energy management

Most big commercial energy users work with energy consultants to minimise consumption and monitor demand. This trend towards energy management has led to a significant focus on energy efficient technologies as part of a strategic energy plan. Energy efficient lighting, heat pumps, renewable technologies and energy efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems are now part and parcel of holistic energy management.

What are the prospects for HVAC engineers?

Career prospects are particularly good for HVAC design engineers who can develop more effective HVAC system designs and those who have the knowledge required to improve the performance of existing technologies.

As technology moves on, the need for trainers and training managers will increase to ensure engineers are fully up to date with the latest systems and how they operate. HVAC manufacturers will be looking for engineers with experience in maintaining sophisticated systems and components, including integrated electronics and new refrigerants.

Here at Thornhvac we have noticed strong job growth across all areas of HVAC. As well as design engineers, there is demand for project managers, specification engineers and sales engineers who can communicate the benefits of the new technology to customers.

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