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More people look for a new job after the holiday season that at any other time

More people look for a new job after the holiday season that at any other time

over 5 years ago

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Updated December 2022

January and September are typically the busiest months for recruitment as employees prepare to return to work after the holidays.

Taking a break, whether it be for the festive season or an annual summer holiday, offers valuable time for reflection and this can prompt a decision to explore new career opportunities and challenges.

In our experience as HVAC recruiters, these are some of the most common reasons people give for leaving their current role:

Looking for a new challenge – Good candidates enjoy having their skills tested and developed through new challenges. The best HVAC employers recognise this need and constantly strive to keep their best people motivated.

Conflict with management – A lack of leadership, direction and positive communication from those in key management roles can have a damaging effect on staff morale, leading to employees feeling undervalued. At Thornhvac we carry out regular research to find the HVAC employers people most want to work for and those taking part frequently mention good management as a reason for naming an HVAC manufacturer as one of the best.

Career progression – Many candidates feel they have reached their potential within their company and need to move jobs to step further up the career ladder. It may be that they are looking for more responsibility or they could be keen to expand their skills into new areas.

Salary – Some of the reasons mentioned above are more powerful push factors than salary alone. Good candidates can be tempted by better prospects, a more stimulating environment and a positive team ethos rather than a large salary. HVAC sales engineers are often motivated by the package as a whole, including benefits and bonus, because they know they will be able to influence their income by achieving their targets. It is worth noting that employers are generally open to negotiation on salary, bonus and benefits for the right candidate.

Ready for a change?

If you are considering a change of job call us for a confidential chat. We have excellent relationships with some of the best HVAC, building services and engineering employers in the UK and a good insight into their recruitment plans. We are currently in a candidate scarce market and you may be surprised by the opportunities available. Call us on 0115 8714777 to speak to one of our specialist HVAC recruitment consultants.