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Thornhvac reveals the HVAC companies people most want to work for

Thornhvac reveals the HVAC companies people most want to work for

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High Five

Mitsubishi has been named as the best HVAC company to work for by those currently employed in the industry according to a survey by HVAC recruitment specialist Thornhvac.

Daikin, Baxi and its commercial arm Remeha, Airedale and Worcester Bosch also made it into the top five.

The independent research by Thornhvac looked at a wide range of factors influencing workplace and job satisfaction, from the quality of the company’s products to its management culture and employee benefits.

The survey asked HVAC employees to name the company they thought was the best to work for and overall 46 different air conditioning, heating, ventilation and other HVAC equipment manufacturers were named.

Daikin came out as the most innovative HVAC company, with almost a fifth of respondents believing its products have the most original features. 

Thornhvac regularly carries out research asking those working in the sector to share their views on HVAC employers. Companies to watch which were mentioned this time but have not appeared in previous surveys include Honeywell, Nest and Shenton Group.

Jason Thornhill of Thornhvac said: “It is encouraging to see that some of the biggest players in the HVAC industry are also highly thought of by those working in the sector both for their company culture and their product quality and innovation.

“It is interesting to see new names coming into the mix, many of which specialise in emerging areas of the market such as smart homes and Combined Heat and Power (CHP). These manufacturers may become even more prominent with time and it will be interesting to watch their progress both in terms of product development and employee culture and benefits.”

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