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Why innovation is key to HVAC success

Why innovation is key to HVAC success

over 5 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


We recently published the results of our year-long survey to find the HVAC companies people most want to work for and one of the highest scoring manufacturers was praised for its innovation.

Daikin came out as the most innovative HVAC company in our research, with almost a fifth of respondents believing its products have the most original features.  What was particularly interesting about the responses relating to Daikin was the overall impression HVAC employees have of the brand. It scored highly for product range and technical support and was praised for valuing its workforce.

So why is innovation important to an HVAC company’s success and overall image within the industry?

It supports growth

Businesses that have a culture of innovation and product development are well placed for growth because they can widen their market. This also allows them to scale up and provide more jobs, which in turns generates new ideas.

It sets them apart

HVAC companies can find themselves in trouble if they compete on price alone. In a competitive market, innovative products and features can help manufacturers set themselves apart and offer their customers something that nobody else can.

They are adaptable

The needs and priorities of customers are always evolving and the most successful HVAC companies are those that listen to their market and adapt. An ability to predict change and develop solutions is a powerful way to generate resilience and success.

They attract the best people

Good engineers and sales people want to work for well-respected and innovative companies. If a manufacturer wants to attract the most talented designers, engineering graduates and experienced HVAC professionals, they will be able to do so more easily if they are seen as a business that is exciting to work for and is at the cutting edge of new developments.

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