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HVAC high fliers – the companies to watch in 2019

HVAC high fliers – the companies to watch in 2019

about 5 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

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Our recent survey to find the HVAC manufacturers people most want to work for threw up some interesting insight into noteworthy newcomers that are making waves in the industry. 

The research, which is carried out periodically by Thornhvac, found that in 2018 the top five heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies to work for were Mitsubishi, Daikin, Baxi and its commercial arm Remeha, Airedale and Worcester Bosch.  

Interestingly, however, other brands to watch which were mentioned for the first time in this survey, included Honeywell, Nest and Shenton Group. 

We found it informative to note the new names coming into the mix, particularly as many of those mentioned specialise in emerging areas of the market such as smart homes and Combined Heat and Power (CHP).It will be interesting to see how these sectors evolve and it may be that CHP is less prominent in future surveys due to the new SAP 10 regulations, which are moving specifications away from carbon based products in favour of low carbon alternatives such as heat pumps.

So, what were some of the characteristics of these up and coming companies that made them a favourite with employees?

Honeywell and Nest, which amongst other things are known for their smart home technology, were both recognised by respondents for quality, energy efficiency and the innovative features of their products. They were praised for their positive management styles and staff incentives.

Shenton Group is an expert in standby power and Combined Heat and Power systems. It was chosen by respondents for demonstrating good management and offering excellent employee benefits and flexible working opportunities.  It was also felt to offer flexibility to meet client needs. 

These newcomers extend the scope of our survey to include emerging and growth areas of HVAC and its associated technology. The new prominence of these brands reflects the scale of innovation currently taking place within the HVAC and building services sectors. It also indicates that advancements in technology and data driven design are changing the industry and presenting new challenges and opportunities for some of the sector’s most established players. 

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