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How buildings can cut their energy use in half by 2030

How buildings can cut their energy use in half by 2030

about 5 years ago Empty James Thornhill

Building Energy

New research offers hope to those pushing to reduce energy consumption in new buildings by suggesting that it will be both ‘technically and economically feasible’ to achieve government ambitions to slash energy use by 50% by 2030.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has set out some of its own ideas for reducing energy use which include making sure every new building in Britain uses clean heating, supporting innovation to make low carbon buildings cheaper to build and giving consumers more control over the way they use energy through smart technologies.

However, research by the Green Construction Board (GCB) shows that innovations within the HVAC and construction industry are already promising to move the UK closer to the government’s target for low energy buildings.

Passive ventilation and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) are approaches that have been identified as having the potential to make a significant impact on the energy efficiency of new buildings.

Meanwhile, case study data unveiled by the GCB has shown that a number of measures are already making a difference. These include setting contractual energy performance targets to reduce the demand for power, optimisation of form to reduce energy use and capital costs, a ”fabric first” approach to design and quality assurance during construction and commissioning. The study also recommends predictions of energy use to be recorded at both design stage and during construction.

The GCB has called for ‘regulation, incentives and supporting research’ to drive progress further and faster.

The findings of the research are likely to have a significant impact on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries with MVHR having been recognised as a critical component in achieving the 50% energy reduction target.

One of the key recommendations of the research is to upskill the HVAC and construction industries to enhance quality control, installation and innovation and we are already noticing that employers are recruiting strategically to make sure they have the right people in place to help them develop their products and services to meet the new demands of a low carbon construction sector.

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