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How a career in recruitment can give you a better work life balance

How a career in recruitment can give you a better work life balance

almost 5 years ago Empty James Thornhill

Work Life Balance

When you are looking for a job that gives you flexibility and excellent work life balance, recruitment might not be the career that first springs to mind. The industry has something of a reputation for demanding targets and long hours tied to the phone or desk - but that doesn’t have to be the case. At Thornhvac we have turned the world of recruitment on its head and are attracting talented recruiters as a result, particularly those who yearn for a better balance in life.

Our culture is rooted in a belief that a thriving modern business depends on a team that feels inspired, energised and self-motivated. That motivation should, we believe, come from a desire to do a great job for both client and candidate rather than a pressure to meet rigorous KPIs.

At Thornhvac we offer the freedom to run your own desk as if it were your own business. Success is rewarded with a generous basic salary and bonus scheme designed to be in the top 25% of the market.

Our recruitment consultants will be supported to follow a career path that will allow them to build their own team and a bigger business.

As part of the Thornhvac team you will have access to our established systems and processes to help you do your job well. Daily statistics will help you understand how to improve your recruitment process and world class training resources will allow you to improve your skills where you think you need it. We invest in state of the art infrastructure in terms of software, offices and communication systems.

Even though you’re running your own desk, you’re also part of a team. When the team exceeds its targets, a share in the company’s profits kicks in to reward teamwork and a supportive working environment

Flexible working isn’t just a box we tick – we understand how important it is to be able to have a good balance between work and home life. All our systems and processes are designed to support flexible working and we know this will mean different things to different people. We have a realistic and open-minded approach to working hours and home working and we welcome applications from experienced recruiters who are looking for a job that offers them genuine flexibility. 

We are currently recruiting for an experienced recruitment consultant with a background in engineering or technology to help us grow our team and expand our business. If you would like to find out more about this role and how working for Thornhvac will change your perception of recruitment as a career, contact us on 0115 871 4777 or apply online.