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The Rise of the HVAC Robots

The Rise of the HVAC Robots

over 4 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing the way we all live and work and is already having an impact on HVAC, bringing benefits for building owners and occupants. Here are just a few of the ways AI is leading to more intelligent use of HVAC in homes and businesses.

Tailored air conditioning

New 3D sensors on air conditioning systems can automatically detect occupancy levels within a room and adapt the airflow to suit, for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. These intelligent air conditioning symptoms can also change the angle of vents to blow towards those in the room.

Data analysis

AI has the capability to analyse huge amounts of data collected on site during the operation of HVAC systems, information which can help manufacturers develop more efficient products. In this way, artificial intelligence can drive continuous improvement in the industry and help companies evolve to keep pace with the changing needs of consumers.

Machine learning

Collecting real time data is one thing but a robot’s ability to predict future scenarios using machine learning is a game changer. HVAC innovators are currently looking at ways to create a predictive maintenance model using machine learning, historical data and known information about possible faults and breakdowns to foresee problems and maintenance requirements before a breakdown actually occurs.


AI and machine learning will undoubtedly have a growing role to play in HVAC in years to come but engineering knowledge is still vital in this fast-moving and highly technical sector. It is likely to be some time before the robots take over the HVAC industry and even when they are more widely used, we will still be reliant on engineers to tell us which problems need solving by AI and what the most pressing priorities are for customers.