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The Benefits of Flexible Working Recruitment Agencies

The Benefits of Flexible Working Recruitment Agencies

over 4 years ago Empty James Thornhill

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Flexible working recruitment agencies allow experienced recruitment consultants to continue working with top clients and high performing candidates whilst achieving a balance in their lives that simply isn’t possible in many office environments within this fast-paced sector.

Thornhvac is proud to be a genuine advocate of flexible working and we have found that this allows us to attract talented and dedicated recruiters with expertise in their field. 

We spoke to one of our longstanding recruitment consultants, Rob Bryan, to find out how working flexibly for Thornhvac allows him to balance family life with a rewarding and challenging career in HVAC recruitment.

Rob works full-time specialising in recruiting engineers for air conditioning companies throughout the UK. He divides his time between the home office and Thornhvac’s Leeds headquarters.

Rob says being able to help out with school drop offs has had a positive impact in family life.

“Being able to work flexibly means a better balance between work and home and not constantly battling one against the other,” explains Rob.

“Thornhvac’s cloud based phone system means that as long as I have my laptop I can work from anywhere and I often find that home based days are my most productive, partly because I don’t have to factor in commuting time and also because it allows me to be completely focused on my to do list.”

Rob says Thornhvac’s positive attitude towards flexible working has made it work well for him.

“Thanks to the company’s approach, there is an excellent relationship between employer and employee which is open and trusting,”  he says.

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