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Top 5 Soft Skills Employers are Looking for in Javascript Developers

Top 5 Soft Skills Employers are Looking for in Javascript Developers

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Thornhills is a niche Javascript recruiter with years of experience in finding just the right roles for experts in this high demand field. Working closely with companies who are looking for talented individuals to join their team, we’ve found that there is often far more to the process than tech tests and an impressive CV.

Increasingly, the best employers are looking for someone who will be a good fit for their company. The type of businesses that most candidates would love to work for have an exciting and innovative project to work on alongside a strong team who cooperate well. Team ethic is important to all companies and they are looking for a certain kind of person to add into the mix.

So, what exactly are JavaScript employers looking for at interview, over and above the qualifications and experience on your CV?

Soft skills v hard skills

Hard skills are the areas of expertise that have been studied or learnt during your career as a JavaScript developer. This might include the frameworks you’re experienced in such as Node, React, Angular, Vue & more. Employers will also be keen to know about your experience with platforms such as Google Cloud and AWS(Amazon Web Service). All those things will be laid out on your CV, along with the range of roles you have held, whether that’s back end, front end or full stack developer, technical lead or even CTO. Your CV gives an employer a good understanding of your level of expertise, practical capabilities and career expectations.

The things that are hard to get across on paper are your soft skills. These might include communication skills, team ethic, punctuality, willingness to participate in company fundraisers, that kind of thing.

Top 5 soft skills for Javascript developers

Not all employers regard soft skills with the same level of importance and some just want someone who can come in and do the job. For those companies that do value soft skills, there are certain traits that crop up time and again on their wish list.


Any developer will tell you that there are some projects that excite them and others that are a bit of a drag. Employers get this but they also need someone who can keep themselves motivated through even the dullest of tasks. If you can give them some examples of projects you’ve worked on which have been a bit of a challenge, where you’ve buckled down and got on with it despite it not being the most inspiring work, they will almost certainly be impressed by your work ethic. They’ll also know that you’ll be an effective part of the team, making sure your tasks are completed so that everyone else can get on with theirs.

Willingness to learn

Good employers don’t necessarily want to employ the finished article but they will be keen to hire a Javascript developer that they can nurture. In interview, make sure you give examples of times when you perhaps haven’t got it right first time but have been willing to take on board feedback and learn. This shows the potential employer that you are someone they can develop and who will be open-minded and keen to learn new technology.


Development teams face a huge amount of change. The tech sector moves fast and your employer will need to know that you can keep up with the pace. As a JavaScript developer you will already know that many of the tools you started your career working on have become obsolete. It’s worth mentioning this kind of thing in interview because it shows that you have adapted and recognise the need to remain versatile. Developers are always learning and evolving and your employer will want to know that you have the personality needed to adapt to new technologies.


Hey, you’re a JavaScript developer so you know all about the word “frustration”. Bugs and blips are part of your everyday working life. We all know the phrase ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Well, the patient developer finds the solution. Employers understand that and they will want to know that the person they’re hiring isn’t the kind to rush a job. That’s why perseverance is one of those soft skills that is always right up there at the top of the wish list for the employers we work with. Talk about this in your interview and tell them how your patience and determination has helped you find solutions to some tricky problems.


Sure, there are some employers who are quite happy for their developers to sit silently in a windowless room with their headphones and a Steam tab open for company. Most of the ones we work with would rather have someone who will be an active member of the team. Demonstrate this by talking about times you’ve participated in huddles and round table discussions with colleagues. Mention the online collaboration tools you use too, like Slack, G Suite, and Trello.

A final word

It’s easy to generalise about what employers look for but every business has different objectives and is own ways of working. Before you go for that all important interview, we’ll make sure you know exactly what that particular company is looking for when it comes to these softer skills.

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