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5 Smart Ways to Capture the HVAC Skills of the Future

5 Smart Ways to Capture the HVAC Skills of the Future

about 4 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill

Computer Skills

Here at Thornhvac we have been recruiting for the HVAC sector for 20 years and over that time the demands of the industry have changed significantly. The pace of change has undoubtedly increased and manufacturers in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other building services disciplines need to attract those with a far broader range of skills than ever before.

As companies look to future proof their businesses – and their teams - here are 5 ways to make sure you are hiring the right skills for long-term growth:

IT versatility

As almost every role now involves working with technology to some degree, it is no longer enough for recruiters and employers to simply require basic IT skills from candidates. Most technicians will be required to work remotely for some tasks and will need to be adaptable enough in their skills to learn how to use tablets and other tools to test and monitor equipment. Other roles will require even more sophisticated skills such as CAD/CAM knowledge. Whilst it is never going to be possible to recruit someone with all the technology know-how that you need, candidates should be appraised of their ability to learn and adapt quickly to new working practices. 

Enthusiasm for automation

Automation is coming and the HVAC industry is one of the fastest moving in terms of IoT and other emerging technologies. People’s job roles will change dramatically over the coming years and candidates who have a firm grasp of this reality will be an asset to your team. Look out for candidates who are excited about change and interested in evolving technology and how it affects HVAC.

Big data

This is another area of change where HVAC is on the front line. The HVAC workforce of the future will need to have experience in data analytics, albeit to varying degrees depending on their role. With smart technology for homes and businesses representing one of the fastest growing areas of the industry, it is important to make sure candidates understand the importance of data and its value to the sector.


Every business needs to be marketing savvy these days and the future of the HVAC sector will depend on employers whose teams understand the value of brand, marketing and sharing news. Many HVAC manufacturers engage new business via online communities and if your workforce can help you with this, you will be in a strong competitive position in the future.


We have talked a great deal about change. No candidate can be expected to have all the skills and knowledge they need now and in the future but they should be prepared to learn. Likewise, employers who offer a robust training programme and support for staff who want to broaden their skills will be in a strong position to manage the evolution of the industry for many years to come.

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