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Covid-19: We are here to help

Covid-19: We are here to help

about 4 years ago Empty James Thornhill

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These are unsettling times. Whether you are a candidate or a company manager, trying to work out what the future holds for you, your family and your business is one of the most troubling elements.

The usual advice in these circumstances is to focus on what you can do and leave what is outside your control for the time being. So this is what we are doing.

  1. Open for business - First we are still open for business and as flexible workers we are used to working from home. We are ready, online to answer your calls, video sharing, texts or emails.
  2. Redundancy – we offer free job search advice to anyone in our sector that has unfortunately lost their job or expects to due to the pandemic. Just give us a call.
  3. Outplacement service – as specialists in finding HVAC vacancies and filling them we are offering an outplacement service to employers to find jobs for redundant workers within the industry. Call us for details.
  4. Resilient sector - HVAC is predicted to be one of the sectors that will come through the crisis relatively unscathed and being a specialist in HVAC we have a number of live jobs and good companies wanting to recruit.
  5. Manufacturers and contractors are now mostly open for business and ready to organise interviews by video meetings and inductions with social distancing where they need to recruit.

So although the future may be uncertain history tells us all recessions come to an end and HVAC could be better placed than many to benefit from it. Stay safe.