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What are the Pros and Cons of Working for a Smaller HVAC Company?

What are the Pros and Cons of Working for a Smaller HVAC Company?

about 4 years ago

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​When you are building a career in HVAC it can be easy to overlook roles with smaller businesses in favour of an opportunity with a larger, well-known company.

In our experience, a rewarding career is just as possible in a small company as it is in a larger one. Both have their pros and cons and we’ve pulled together some of the things to think about when evaluating a potential role with a smaller firm:

Direct communication with the boss

With a smaller company, you are likely to have direct contact with the MD or business owner on a regular basis. It is always nicer to be a name rather than a number in a business, although the real benefit is that your views and opinions are more likely to be heard. This gives you the feeling of having some influence on the future strategy of the business, which generally makes for a more rewarding role. The downside is that you will be more aware of the day to day challenges facing the business. In larger firms this critical business information is rarely cascaded down to employee level and stays firmly in the boardroom.

Greater responsibility

Larger companies have more resources and employees, which means each person’s role is clearly defined. If you are working on one area of a business, it is likely that this will continue to be the case and you will also work alongside the same team for much of the time. A role with a smaller company is likely to be broader in scope and more varied on a day to day basis, giving you access to a wider range of experience. If you’re the kind of person who likes variety and is willing to take on duties that are not necessarily in your job description, a smaller business can be exciting. If you prefer to specialise and stick to what you know, a larger firm may be more suited to your working style.  

Market flexibility

Smaller companies can be nimbler in their approach to products and markets, adapting their procedures and systems to suit current and changing conditions. As an employee, this means that if you spot an opportunity or a customer need, a small employer is more likely to listen and react to your suggestion than a large one. Larger firms typically take more time to filter products through their NPD approval processes and this can make them less flexible. When they do launch something new, however, they have a bigger marketing machine at their disposal which can make it easier to promote and sell.

Latest vacancies, big and small

If you’re considering a move to a smaller firm, we have a couple of interesting job opportunities you might like to consider, with a specialist food HVAC contractor that is doing well at the moment despite the economic slowdown:



If working for a large company is more suited to you, we have a fantastic opportunity available with one of the biggest air conditioning companies in the world: UK Controls manager

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